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Terms and Conditions

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The following items comprise the business’ agreements and terms & conditions entered into should the Client receive a quotation and proceed with an installation of a fireplace by means of pay 1) for the fireplace or 2) paying a deposit for installation.


Quotations are sent to the Client following either a verbal discussion of request or email or as a result of an on-site consultation. In the acceptance of a Quote (via email/ Xero system/Whatsapp/Verbally) & the payment of the required deposit (usually 70% of the quoted amount), the Client submits that they agree to these laid out T&Cs.


Should the installation be occurring within 30 days of acceptance of the Quote a deposit of 70% is required. The deposit secures the fireplace units and allows us to schedule a specific installation date for installation.

Should the installation be occurring on a future date (in excess of 30 days) the Client would 1) purchase the unit(fireplace) only and receive an invoice for this. This is to secure the fireplace stock.  Then 2) At least 14 days before installation prior to the installation of the fireplace a 70% deposit of the remaining installation quote would be required to secure a date and ensure that stock is ordered for the installation.


On Fire commits to an initial 1st site meeting/visit and the submission of a non-obligatory quote.

The 2nd visit to the site would be for the Installation of the Fireplace (given that the Client has accepted and paid deposits accordingly)

Should drawings or sketches be required by the Client or Building Site Manager prior to deposits being made there will be an additional charge of R500 levied for the service of rendering drawings. If Deposits are paid and the Job is in process there is no additional charges for drawings being rendered.


Cancelled or returned items carry a 10% handling fee which is charged on the replacement/new invoice. Should the items be custom made – no refunds or exchanges are offered.


For the most part a fireplace installation occurs as the last item on building or renovation site. The process of installation requires that all flooring/tiling, paintwork, ceiling, roofing and any other wet works are completed before the installation of the fireplace.

A minimum of 7 days lead time is required if your installation date is no longer feasible due to building or renovation or other items. Failure to notify 7 days before your installation of a requested movement of the date will result in your installation being shifted up to 3 weeks later than anticipated.

Should the Installation Team arrive on site as scheduled for an installation but is unable to proceed a Penalty Fee will be levied to the Invoice – the amount of R850. If the site distance is greater than 50kms from Cape Town a Travel Charge will also be included in the Penalty Fee.

A date is agreed upon for installation and is confirmed with the Client. It remains the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the site is ready for installation on the confirmed date.

It is understood that On Fire takes no responsibility for adverse weather conditions or any other situation that will make the above-mentioned installation impossible to perform on the confirmed date. Should this occur, a new installation will be booked at the first available date in the installation schedule and all information will be advised to the Client.

On the day of Installation, it is understood that On Fire will take no responsibility for hidden complications (water pipes, electrical pipes, roof trusses or gas pipes, etc) in or around the agreed installation position that will make the installation impossible to complete. On Fire is not held liable for unforeseen complications but will take every possible precaution to avoid such occurrences as can be fair & reasonably foreseen. This includes situations where a core drill is required for the installation – kindly note that every possible precaution is taken to avoid this happening however remains the responsibility of the Client to remedy. Should this occur the Client will arrange for the problem to be rectified at their cost in order to have the installation completed. A new installation will be booked at the first available date.

Special note on Cavity Preparation for an Insert/Built-In Fireplace

Kindly note that (should you proceed) the finished work will require a painter after the fact. The cavity is prepared and take a few days to dry, the installation then occurs and once that is completed you may need to have painting done to the work area around the fireplace (the cement around the wall space) - we don't offer this as a service unfortunately as we do not have a painter for all areas we service.


Should any additional piping or fittings, not quoted initially, be required to safely complete the installation, On Fire reserves the right to charge the Client accordingly. This is generally only necessary when complications or unforeseen circumstances arise where we need to alter the position of the chimney flue due to close proximately to combustible materials causing a threat or potential fire hazard. These items will be discussed with the Client but would need to be approved in order to complete the installation.  Conversely, should any pipes etc. not be used, a credit will be raised against the Client’s final remaining amount as invoiced.


Once the installation is completed and on the day the Client agrees to “sign off” that the work has been concluded. This can be done verbally with the Installation Team or via Whatsapp if the Client is not presently on the site at completion. Before the Team leaves someone carrying authorization must agree that all is completed. It is not always possible to light a fire immediately after installation as some items used need to settle into place for a few hours. Where possible we will light a fire in the fireplace.


Please note that the first few fires may well produce a harsher smell as the chemicals settle on the fireplace exterior. It is recommended that the area is well ventilated for the first fires as the fireplace settles in.


A final invoice will be compiled and mailed to the Client for payment once all recons have been completed and a confirmation with the Client that all is satisfied.


It is strongly recommended that the fireplace is serviced annually. On Fire provides this service in the Summer months between Oct & Feb annually. Our Service includes a chimney sweep, assessment of the fireplace, checking the insulation in the roof and checking the waterproofing. On Fire will recommend any rope replacement or parts required during the Servicing process.

All flue pipes that go through roof spaces, and therefore close to combustible materials, need to be visibly checked on an annual basis. This is the responsibility of the Client to undertake or can be requested as part of a service. Should the Client opt to forego servicing of the flues /fireplace On Fire will not be held responsible for any damage to the property & fireplace.

The waterproofing/flashing and pipes are warranted for a 12-month period from the date of installation.



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